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CompWize is a leading national company whose personnel has a record of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance overpayments. We are experts in the field of workers’ compensation.

A division of SMP Consulting Group, we specialize in recovering past premium overcharges and providing solutions for the reduction of current and future workers’ compensation costs, all on a contingency basis.

CompWize Workers' Comp Refund

Our proprietary software independently reviews a client’s current and previous workers’ compensation policies. Additionally, CompWize comprehensively reviews over 2000 items relating to the calculation of the client’s workers’ compensation premium charges. These items include:

  • Proposals
  • Billing statements
  • Experience modification reviews
  • Claims summaries
  • Auditor’s worksheets
  • Classifications
  • and more

No Recovery, No Fee!

Because CompWize works strictly on a contingency basis, you never have to pay upfront fees! Our fee structure ensures you only cover a percentage of any successfully identified and recovered workers’ compensation overcharges.

More Than 80% of Businesses Overpay for Workers’ Compensation

CompWize and our affiliates have found that over eight out of ten businesses have been overcharged on their workers’ compensation premiums or are currently being overcharged.

The lack of detailed knowledge on how premiums are determined, what information affects them, and what deductions and options are available leaves most insureds in the dark about why they pay so much and what can be done to reduce the costs.

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, an independent review of your workers’ compensation program is an absolute necessity. Without it, you may be overpaying tens of thousands of dollars annually. CompWize helps ensure you are never overcharged again, providing peace of mind while saving you time and money.