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How CompWize Recovered Businesses Millions in Workers’ Comp Overpayments

CompWize has recovered over $200 million in workers’ compensation overcharges for businesses throughout the US. Our AI-powered proprietary software identifies errors in workers’ comp data, enabling businesses of all sizes to recover premium overpayments caused by inaccurate reporting.

Workers’ Comp Overpayments Add Up

You may not believe that workers’ comp premium overcharges are significant; however, CompWize has recovered more than $100,000 for dozens of companies across industries. We have the capability to go back over six years, combing through your workers’ comp numbers. This means that you can potentially be reimbursed for over six years of workers’ comp overpayments.

Recent Workers’ Comp Premium Recoveries

At CompWize, we have helped more businesses than we could possibly list here. But here are a few recent premium recoveries we have successfully got back into the hands of our clients.

Recovery Amount: $108,380

Our team recently recovered over $100,000 in premium overpayments for an HVAC contractor in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Contractors nationwide rely on CompWize to protect their bottom lines and get them the money they are entitled to.

Recovery Amount: $136,774

A highway construction corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was extremely grateful to receive nearly $150,000.

Customer Testimonial:

“I had no idea how much I was overpaying in workers’ comp. I just focus on my job, renovating and repairing roadways around the Pittsburgh metro area. But once CompWize ran the numbers, they explained that my business was owed at least $100,000. My jaw dropped!”

highway construction

Recovery Amount: $78,330

Our AI-powered algorithm identified workers’ comp miscalculations, which led to a substantially high E-Mod for an excavation contractor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. High E-Mods are among the most significant factors contributing to high premium costs. Once we discovered the root of the problem, the E-Mod dropped along with the associated premiums.

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African American business owner smiling

Empowering Businesses Nationwide

The recent examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. We help companies recover workers’ compensation premium overpayments daily, all on a contingency basis. This means that there is absolutely no risk when you choose to partner with CompWize. In fact, you are potentially risking missing out on thousands in recovery payments by not contacting us.

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