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Hot Weather and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Believe it or not, hot weather directly correlates to workers’ compensation claims. Significantly more workers’ comp claims are filed when temperatures exceed 80° Fahrenheit. Additionally, the injuries happening on these hot summer days tend to be more serious.

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Adapting to Changes in Workers’ Comp Regulations

Workers’ compensation regulations are regularly updated on federal and local levels. Properly adapting to these changes helps ensure your company remains compliant and does not suffer premium overcharges.

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Reducing Future Workers’ Comp Costs with CompWize

CompWize is predominantly known for recovering past overcharges on workers’ compensation premiums. However, our AI-powered workers’ comp analysis software also reduces future premium costs. Learn more about how CompWize helps businesses throughout the US save money on past and future workers’ comp premiums.

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How CompWize Recovered Businesses Millions in Workers’ Comp Overpayments

CompWize has recovered over $200 million in workers’ compensation overcharges for businesses throughout the US. Our AI-powered proprietary software identifies errors in workers’ comp data, enabling businesses of all sizes to recover premium overpayments caused by inaccurate reporting.

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How Can Early Intervention Save on Workers’ Comp?

When an employee has a potential medical issue at the workplace, early intervention helps ensure their well-being while mitigating the chance of workers’ compensation overcharges. At CompWize, we understand the health and safety of your employees are paramount.

MedWize, our new employee health benefits program, aims to protect your workers while simultaneously cutting your workers’ comp premiums.

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Premium Recoveries – Overlooked Business Growth Opportunity?

What comes to mind when considering ways to elevate your business’s success? You’re probably thinking about increasing profits, reducing expenses, expanding market share, or keeping ahead of the competition. And it isn’t surprising that recovering overpaid workers’ compensation premiums doesn’t make the cut.

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Optimize Workers’ Comp Management With CompWize

What Are the Advantages of a Professional Workers’ Comp Analysis?

Cost Savings

CompWize identifies potential overcharges and errors in your premium calculations, leading to significant cost savings.

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The ROI of Recovery – Why Workers’ Comp Audits Pay Off

A professional workers’ compensation analysis can not only save your company money now and into the future, but it can also help recover funds from past premium overcharges.

No Recovery, No Fee!

At CompWize, we perform workers’ comp audits at no charge. Your company only incurs an affordable fee if we discover workers’ comp insurance overpayments.

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CompWize – Our Proprietary Workers’ Comp Analysis Software

A comprehensive analysis of your workers’ compensation policy can save your business tens of thousands of dollars and upwards of $100,000 in some instances. However, thoroughly reviewing your workers’ comp plan can be highly time-consuming and potentially inaccurate. At CompWize, our proprietary, AI-powered software identifies statistical and human errors within workers’ comp premium calculations.

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Can AI Save Your Business Money on Workers’ Comp Coverage?

In The Press

SMP Consulting Group, a nationally known workers’ compensation audit consulting firm announces the launch of “Compwize”

HOLBROOK, N.Y., July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “After two years of development, “Compwize” has been launched. This AI program is truly cutting edge algorithm/software technology that identifies statistical and human error found in the calculation of earned premiums for Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policies,” was announced by Edward J. Kelly, Jr., President of SMP Consulting Group.

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